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What's Meal Train

Meal Train is an on-line software service that allows a local Meal Train organizer to connect someone in need to volunteers to provide help. You can help a group of friends schedule times to bring meals, give rides, help with small tasks, etc. For example, someone recovering from an operation or accident might need a few weeks of help while healing up

Fairfield Cares and Meal Train Pro

Fairfield Cares has a corporate Meal Train Pro account that allows it to set up an unlimited number of individual Meal Train and Meal Train Plus accounts at no charge to the recipient or the organizer.  To get this benefit, you have to sign up to Meal Train through Fairfield Cares.

Fairfield Cares can show you how Meal Train works

Because we have experience with how Meal Train works, we can help an organizer set one up and best take advantage or all its handy features. We can also help to connect you to local volunteers if your friends and family list is limited.

Plan Ahead

If you, or someone you know, may be needing help in the near future, It's a good idea to be prepared. Don't wait till the last minute. Set up the extra help you need in advance so you'll be ready.

Meal Train Limitations

Note that Meal Train is not designed for long-term care situations or providing professional medical assistance or advice. But it's great for short term help.

Find Out More

Give us a call at 641-209-9796 and we'll try to help.